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Finnish nuclear industry investing for the future

Loviisa npp.

Finnish energy company Fortum is running huge modernization and updating program in it's nuclear power plant in Loviisa.The projesct is to last until year 2014. All investments sum up in total of 60 million euros.

Nuclear waste solidification unit and a final disposal facility are ready to use at the end of year 2006. The solidification facility will handle all liquid low and middle active waste.

Fifty million euros are to be spent for renewing the automation of the power plant in the period of next ten years. This means change to digital operating system.

Theese investments make very clear that the two Loviisa units will be in use several years, propably decades. Estimated life-span for the investments is 15-20 years starting from adoption.

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Finnish nuclear industry investing for the future

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Last modified May 5th 2008