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Finnish Youth for Nuclear Energy also supports building the sixth nuclear power plant.

Finnish Youth for Nuclear Energy also supports building the sixth nuclear power plant. Many have said that Loviisa must get its own piece of the cake as well. The sixth power plant has not even been designed yet, but we are following the situation.

Electricity consumption has increased steadily in Finland, although gross national product and industrial production have not grown as expected. A new nuclear power plant is needed quite shortly, as the economy revives properly and export industry starts to increase. In other countries, where constructing further nuclear power has been hindered because of stupidity, electricity insufficiency might cause problems as the boom begins.

Finlands position in global economy indicates no big differences in Finnish electric consumption per capita. Compared to Germany or Denmark, each Finn or Swede consume 2,5 times more electricity due to heavy process industry, geographic location and relatively high percentage of direct electric heating in private households. 1,6 milloin Finns live in houses with direct or indirect electric heating system. Also other busineses in services, retail and transport have increased their shrare in total consumption.

It is known that the industry is planning an application to construct a sixth nuclear power plant. According to Pohjolan Voima a decision in principle of the power plant will be needed in three year’s time. The power plant should produce electricity to the national distribution network in 2017. Its capacity would be approximately the same as of the fifth power plant constructed in Olkiluoto. Electricity demand has constantly increased in Finland. In order to fulfil the obligations of Kyoto Protocol, nuclear power is the only way to produce a sufficient amount of basic power for example for industrial needs.

The application for a sixth nuclear power plant has not been made yet. As the application for the fifth reactor is still fresh, the promoters of the project hope that the new attempt would be treated quickly. In case the hoped sixth power plant would be constructed according to same plans as the fifth, the various assessments need not be done again.

Skinnari: “Necessity of power plant must be examined”

According to the Finnish Broadcasting Network, the Minister of Trade and Industry Mauri Pekkarinen (Centre Party) considers the industry’s claim for sixth nuclear power plant primarily as an opening for discussion. The Parliament was rather cautious towards the industry’s hopes. The National Coalition Party supports nuclear power. There has not been discussion about nuclear power lately in the Centre Party and the Social Democratic Party. However, opinions are estimated to divide similarly as three years ago, when there was a ballot for the fifth nuclear power plant now under construction.

In case the nuclear power plant project proceeds now, it will be under consideration in the Economy Committee. The chairperson of the Committee, Jouko Skinnari (Social Democrat), considers that the necessity of power plant must be examined.

Positive attitudes towards nuclear power increasing

Almost every other (46%) have positive attitudes towards nuclear power in Finland and only 25% reject it. The difference of negative and positive attitudes has never been this huge during a 22-year long survey period. The results are found in an opinion poll conducted by TNS Gallup Oy, which was ordered by Energiateollisuus ry (The Association of Finnish Energy Industries). Over a thousand Finnish people 15 years and older were interviewed in in September-October 2004.

In ten years the number of people in favour of nuclear power has increased twelve percentage units and number of people rejecting it has decreased ten percentage units. In 1994, 34% of the Finnish people were in favour of nuclear power and 35% rejected it. Number of people with neutral attitudes has remained less than a third of the population.

Over the past few years people with positive attitudes have outnumbered people with negative attitudes towards nuclear power. Nuclear power is accepted as prevention for climate change completely or generally by 43% of the respondents, whereas 28% does not accept nuclear power as a way to prevent climate change at all or generally.

The Finnish energy policy has been praised by the International Energy Agency (IEA). According to a recent country review, Finland has been able to combine energy safety, economic development and a sustainable environmental policy. IEA is still worried about fulfilling the emission goals required in the Kyoto protocol. According to the review emissions will go 15% over the goal if the current development continues.

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