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Is Nuclear Energy really dangerous?

Why Greenpeace again and again attacks against safe nuclear energy, but doesn't insist to forbid using coal, though hundreds of people have died in coal mining accidents? That proves us, that Greenpeace is not interested in people's health and environment, instead of marketing it's own virtual eco-business strategy by scaring those who are afraid of radiation. Greenpeace also claims, that only in Hiroshima 192 000 people died. That's about three times more as official number. Greenpeace's usual tactics is to overexaggerate those phenomena they need in marketing.

In the middle February 2005, in Chinese expolosion in coal mine at least 203 miners were died, 13 were stucked in tunnels and 22 get injured. Scene on the accident was 242 meters below earth's surface. Last year 5000-6000 workers have been killed only in mining accidents.

- The worst accidents in history in the World and in Finland. (pdf)

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May 31st 2005

Is nuclear energy really dangerous?


Last modified May 5th 2008